22 tonne

Length: 10 ft/3045 mm
Height: 10.2 ft/3110 mm
Max Cutting Height: 31.6 ft/9630 mm
Max Loading Height: 22.4 ft/6830 mm
Max Reach Along Ground: 30.5 ft/9300 mm
Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth: 17.7 ft/5390 mm
Max Digging Depth: 20 ft/6110 mm
Width to Outside of Tracks: 9.8 ft/2990 mm
Length of Track on Ground: 12 ft/3650 mm
Ground Clearance: 1.6 ft/480 mm
Height to Top of Cab: 9.8 ft/2975 mm
Tail Swing Radius: 9 ft/2750 mm
Counterweight Clearance: 3.5 ft/1055 mm
Shoe Size: 23.6 in/600 mm
Net power: 148hp

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